International Health Tourism

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MedicalAsist, a reliable address for International Medical Tourism.

You make the choice and MedicalAsist takes care of the rest.



MedicalAsist, high quality of health care services at affordable costs, offering treatment to patients who want to be in Turkey. Treatment as well as those who would like also to have a holiday and relax with the culture of Turkey’s rich history and unique natural beauty and combines comfortable accommodation venues.



MedicalAsist patient treatment plans in line with the demands of the patient start to the end of each phase and applies :





  • Patient, contact with MedicalAsist and service plan, prepare and provide to the patient.
  • MedicalAsist patient and physician treatment will be required between the organization and the organization does
  • Necessary preliminary reports of the patient ( Transcrip, MRI, x-ray e.t.c. ) and by taking the information and medical treatment, will deliver the organization.
  • MedicalAsist, on the course of treatment and treatment is provided to inform the patient in detail.
  • Treatment costs, accommodation preferences and after the treatment if the patient wants to transmits the organizations of tourist and cultural visits.
  • MedicalAsist, delivers the final service plan and approval by the patient waits.




  • MedicalAsist ambulance or a wheelchair if necessary, in accordance with the terms of patient health and meet at the airport.
  • MedicalAsist, lodging facility to remain patient transfer and all transfers during the treatment allows the patient.
  • MedicalAsist the patient prior to treatment with the doctor a day in the city adaptation trip organizes, Following day interviewedface to face with doctor.
  • Performed before treatment is provived accordance with the appointment.
  • The patient’s final checks before returning to his/her home country .
  • Patients are tranferred to airport see off home country.



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