Private Medical Foundation Association Consultatıon

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How will be the future of the medical sector that is changing and developing in our country?How much will the medical sector have quota in 2023 in this economy which aims to take place in the 10 biggest economy around the world by the current government in 100th anniversary of our Republic. How will be the case of private medical enterprise with the aim of covering all citizens with health guarantees and making this one by making their own health insurance that is one of the topics of the European Union Membership Negotiations? How much will the quota that health foundations have from the budget which is stated fort he health tourism services improving in the last years in our country?What kind of moves will be done by the private health foundations situating in the health sector and manage to keep and improve their positions? Which private health foundations will be able to benefit to these magnificent aims most? What will be your management policy for private health foundations in these all development and changing process?

.The questions waiting answers above prevent from making up the enterpreneurs’mind who invests or have an idea to invest in the health sector. .Every entrepreneur tries to get the motto by their own experiences or prejudices, and the motto is being applied with taking it as an business executive policy.

According to current politics and powerful expectations in accordance with future, .all of the health administration that services small or narrow capacity will not be able to bear difficult rivalry situations and have diffuculty in keeping their positions In these days covering passing process in the sector; Private health organizations that will make right moves in time will be the pioneers of this sector in future.

,Dear private health administrators, We are willing to give information services with our experienced personels who are expert in their branches to provide you a better profits.We are ready for moving your company to the top level in health sector by blending your own experiences and aims and our knowledge and experience.




 Our information services cover private hospitals, private medical centres, dialyses centres and all process that are related to these subjects.
1- Private Health Company Opening Activities:
,In accordance with the rules of the ministry of health, all activities from choosing placement to private health company to passees and permission documents with caring whether feasibility report is positive or not.
2- Management Activities of Private Health Companies  :
All processes related to management of private health company  that are passed and given permission to open private health company by the ministry of health; personel’s starting  – leaving date, increasing-decreasing the number of beds ,  placement changing , name – adress – ownership changing,addition medical devices branch addition, laboratory passes , intense care passes, all inspectory processes etc..
3- Private health foundation mutuality, moving, closing etc activities.
.All kind of mutuality activities of private health foundations  authorized by ministry of health, taking over of administration rights for a short period of time or via renting way.,  capacity increasing  or servicing in another building because of lacking of buildings and closing  processes because of bankruptcy or  closing because of  owner’s desire.




Eeach of the information services is paid which is done by our company. .Fees changes according to the services and their coverings. .incessantly for each incessantly information or package agreement will be able to be made by our company with the companies.
1. Package: Incessant Informatıon Services

All questions asked by the private health companies that made an agreement with our company for a year will be answered without paying any payment. 

2.Package Information Service:

 Indpendent from time. .When the things are applied, information service ends. .There will be different service packages determined by our company according to qualifications of the business. Every package will be paid according to containments of the work..All different questions asked by the private health companies  that made agreement to  information service contract will be paid except for different branhes of the agreement.

3. Package: İnformation Servicing For Each Service

Information for each service is not depend to the time.. .It will be paid according to qualification of the work with beginning bottom value. When the things are applied, information service ends. All questions about different subjects asked by the health companies that made the agreement for information servicing for each service without payment.



 The concept of ‘’time’’ has an important role that is the most valued thing for  the companies for our  company .The communication way that the time is used efficiently and swiftly is electronic mailing .Our company will communicate with you by e mail and answer your questions by this way..If not desired information addition, your  applications will be answered in 48 hours  .Each kind of knowledge will be kept secret and never alerted 3rd person.



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